#AskGaryVee show notes

My notes from Gary Vaynerchuk’s #AskGaryVee YouTube show on marketing and business.

(I’m re-watching the shows and adding my notes here – Nick, 26 Nov 2014)

Episode 1: How to Utilise Native Ad Platforms

Long tail / Long term

GV says he’s so long term.

He finds that he’s been able to build businesses because he has a big picture in mind he stops dumbing the little shits day in and day out, the short term angst becomes a little bit more manageable.

How do you make your market embrace 2014 marketing tools when it’s really behind?

He feels like the first fax owner every day of his life.

He tries not to convert anyone.

He’s only speaking to the converted, if your market has moved yet, don’t try to convince someone to buy a fax machine, go find the people that have already bought into fax machines.

If you’re too early in a theory or a business, where no-one has bought in, you’ve lost.

He’s not Nostradamus, he’s just practical and he realises there’s enough scale in 2014 (and even earlier) to build his business.

Don’t waste energy on people that aren’t into it. Go full offence on the people that already bought it.

Best way to grow Pinterest and YouTube following with dark posts?

(WTF are dark posts? I didn’t know either. Facebook Dark Posts explanation.)

Is a wrong strategy, you should look at YouTube pre-roll advertising for about 5-7 cents a view and Pinterest is just about to roll out it’s ad platform too.

He recommends using native ad platforms for Pinterest and YouTube.

I’m a 21 y/o real estate salesperson, what’s the best way to gain buyers trust and market in the world we live in?

He wrote a LinkedIn post about it.

He recommends searching on Twitter and putting out content as an offence.

Any thoughts on using social to promote non-profits?

He thinks non-profit and NGOs have struggled the most in social media.

People ask him to donate to stuff on Twitter without even selling ‘hello’.

He thinks Charity Water is the gold standard of telling a story for stuff like this through content.

It’s about searching the terms around your topic and engaging in conversations.

He talks about breaking the culture of entitlement, guilting people, removing the phrase ‘giving back’.