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  • Disallow adding and deleting plugins in WordPress admin via wp-config.php

    Suitable for when you are managing WordPress plugin install and updates via composer and you don’t want admin users changing them.

    // Add to or edit in wp-config.php.
    define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', TRUE );
    define( 'DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', TRUE );
  • Less but better

    Instead of making just a millimetre of progress in a million directions he began to generate tremendous momentum towards accomplishing the things that were truly vital.
    Greg McKeown, Essentialism

    I call it the Zuckerberg Principle. Which is having one single goal and then reviewing it on a weekly basis. It became a huge game changer for us.
    Noah Kagan, talking to Chris Ducker

    I really don’t understand why so many first-time entrepreneurs are becoming “mentors” or “advisors” to other startups when that is a distraction to your own success. My general advice is to do less.
    Mark Suster‘Do Less. More.’

    Weniger aber bessser. (Less but better).
    Dieter Rams, legendary designer

    For the last few months, I’ve written about pushing my startup idea ThemeValet (‘WordPress website setup for busy people’) on this blog and you (the people reading this) have been extremely encouraging and supportive (for which I am very grateful).

    During that time I’ve been lucky enough to at least partially validate the idea behind ThemeValet.

    In other words, I’ve found that people are very happy to pay to use ThemeValet and appreciate the service.


    However over the same period of time I’ve also been doing lots of other things too. Some directly related to ThemeValet, some indirectly, some not at all.

    Some were commitments that I gave to people a long time ago and I’m (still) happy to honour. Some – while enjoyable and difficult to give up – are commitments where I do have some room to move.

    Are you in or out?

    I wrote recently that there has to come a time where you are ‘in or out’ of an idea.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean the idea will definitely win or succeed but you’ve reached a certain point where you must go deeper into it to do it justice.

    For me that time has now come with ThemeValet.

    It might only take me a little bit of time to keep writing this blog or doing many of the other things that indirectly support ThemeValet.

    But the truth is I want to directly focus on ThemeValet as close to 100% as possible for the next few months, maybe longer, to give it it’s best chance of succeeding.

    For that reason I’m putting this blog ( on an extended hiatus for the foreseeable future and putting all my efforts more directly into ThemeValet, because I really believe that with the right focus and a little bit of luck it has the chance to help a lot of people (and teach me a lot about doing business in 2015).

    Of course there are benefits to ThemeValet from my regular writing here, I’m not going to pretend otherwise and I enjoy writing these updates and don’t for one second take your readership or support via this blog for granted.

    One, clear goal

    But it’s time to stop making “a millimetre of progress in a million directions” and put all my energy into one, clear goal.

    I’m not disappearing or giving up on publishing content though. Far from it.

    I’ll still be writing and publishing a couple of times a week over on the ThemeValet blog.

    And I’ll be writing about all the same topics I’ve always been writing about on like marketing, business and websites.

    Plus I’ll also continue to report on my progress with ThemeValet as well. In fact, I hope it will be even more useful because as I spend more time on ThemeValet I’ll have more useful information to share with you about what’s working (and what isn’t) to hopefully help your business too.

    Combining my efforts

    Which brings me onto my final point. Which is that as I’m now merging all my writing efforts into a single blog, being ‘subscribed’ to no longer means anything for at least the foreseeable future.

    With this in mind, I’ve decided to merge the subscriber list into the ThemeValet one. Because quite simply the ThemeValet blog is now the Nick Davis blog and vice versa.

    You’ll still be getting content from me, just in a different place. Having spoken to a couple of you about this I’ve had nothing but support for doing so but if you think it’s a ‘douche move’, please go ahead and unsubscribe and I won’t be offended.

    For all of you that do stick around though I have some articles (and very practical articles) that I’m very excited to share with you over the next few weeks which I hope you’ll find useful.

    I’m also working on some evergreen content, a free guide which I’m calling ‘Launch with WordPress’ over on too.

    And that’s it.

    As ever, thank you to every one of who keeps supporting what I’m doing. I look forward to continuing to sharing everything I’m learning with you all.

    (And should I start writing again on in future you’ll be the first to know).

    PS In case you’re interested in all of the details from my ‘one thing’ conversion. I’m also:

    • Merging my ‘WP Owner’ membership idea into a free Facebook group called ‘Launch with WordPress’
    • Able to step away from some of the work that was taking up my time finishing a new WordPress theme over at Lean Themes
    • Continuing to scale down my ongoing client commitments with eSanctuary

    The only ‘not directly related to ThemeValet’ thing that I’m continuing with, at least for the moment, is my weekly blog over at, but this does let me directly reach many of the developers and theme creators who might refer customers to ThemeValet and is not such an overlap as the and ThemeValet blog will likely be.

    PPS In case you were (also) wondering, none of the old content will be deleted.

  • Are you in or out?

    You can try to bootstrap (and you should).

    You can try to keep costs low (and you should).

    You can try delaying making that first hire or taking on that first contractor until the last possible moment (and you should).

    But none of these decisions are irreversible or likely to result in the ruin of your business if you get them wrong.

    Instead there comes a time when even the most cautious entrepreneur needs to have enough confidence to say: ‘this is my business and I believe in it, therefore I will invest in it’.

    Of course, no one can give you any guarantees, but if you don’t believe your business has a better than average chance of succeeding who else will?

    If you don’t have the belief that, ultimately, investing a few $$$s now will result in a greater return in the long run.

    Perhaps what’s holding you back then is not the resources to make that first hire or invest in that software that could save you hours every month.

    It’s ultimately the clarity that comes from deciding:

    Are you in or are you out?

  • But I’m not like…

    Those ‘lazy’ people.

    Those people that are all talk and no action.

    Those people that keep doing the same thing but expecting a different result.

    Am I?

  • Waiting for nothing

    If it makes sense to you.

    If it seems obvious but no-one else is doing it.

    If it seems like a win win.

    Why wait?