The 7(ish) Day Startup: Day 7 (Launch!)

A rocket launching to dramatic effect

This is the final day of the first seven days of my 7(ish) Day Startup experiment in which I launch a startup / startups using Dan Norris’ excellent The 7 Day Startup book.

I plan to write some more posts about how it goes or doesn’t go in future of course but for now, I’m delighted to be launching ThemeValet, a new service which helps busy entrepreneurs set up the beautiful WordPress themes they buy (but don’t have time to do themselves).

(And if you missed the story of how I got here you can catch up via the links below).

Day 7 Task – Launch and start executing your marketing plan.

I can feel the excuses rising up, the reasons for delaying.

But in reality (the place where business actually takes place) this idea (ThemeValet) is already very very delayed (in 2014 I had a website and orders for it).

It’s one thing to follow a process (and I believe the 7 Day Startup is a great one) and write six blog posts saying you are going to launch.

It’s another to pull the trigger.

“I’m launching on Wednesday”, I’ve been telling everyone.

Now Wednesday is here and I suddenly seem to be able to find a million other things to do other than actually launch.

But if the site is live and I’m no longer on holiday (so I don’t have the ‘no proper Internet’ excuse), is there really a reason not to launch today?

The answer is no.

I should be finding customers and figuring out if the idea is going to work or not (and what I need to change to make it work, if so).

So, ThemeValet, I’m launching you today. And if you don’t work, or even if you do, I’m going to keep launching and trying new things without spending weeks, months or years thinking about them this time around.

Let me end this post then with my simple opening pitch to you:

If you need a WordPress theme setup to look like the demo you saw when you bought it (or setup like the demo, but with your content) ThemeValet can help.

(I’ll even do my best to help you find a great WordPress theme if you didn’t already).

Either way, head over to and we’ll get started.

In the meantime I’ll be executing my marketing plan (see Day 6), delivering the best service possible to any early customers, and ultimately hoping to learn as fast as possible if ThemeValet can succeed or not (and what needs to change if it is to succeed), because:

You don’t learn until you launch.
– Dan Norris

I hope you’ll keep following along as I do.

PS If you know someone or some people who you think might benefit from ThemeValet I’d love it if you share the link with them and I’ll make sure they’re well looked after. Got questions? [email protected]

PPS If you want a similar entrepreneurial kick up the butt in audio form, go and listen to my friend Jon Nastor’s 100th episode of his Hack the Entrepreneur podcast (congrats Jonny!).


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  1. Awesome! Congrats on your launch. As soon as I get my logo sorted later this week I’ll be ordering your service to help me get my redeveloped site up and running.

    1. Thanks Sandra, would be delighted to have you as one of my first customers, if you have any questions before ordering feel free to hit me up at [email protected]. Cheers!

  2. Awesome stuff mate, really chuffed for you and I can’t wait to see ThemeValet take off!

    1. Thanks Gavin!

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