Batching FTW

The week before last, I wrote a blog post every single day, never getting more than one ahead (i.e. the next day’s written the day before).

This took lots of time, was quite stressful (even though I’m writing for myself) and was definitely not, in any way, efficient.

This week I sat down, carved out some time and wrote a week’s worth in just over an hour (yes, I mostly write shorter articles, but still).

Not as a chore to be taken care of (I enjoyed it), but because the total amount of time it took to write seven articles this week was only slightly longer than it took me to write a single article each day the week before.

(I’ll let you judge on any improvement in quality or not).

We all have to switch tasks from time to time and get interrupted by things that can’t be avoided, but I bet you could batch a lot of things that you do sporadically at the moment.

You might not want to write a blog post every day, but with whatever you do decide to batch I bet you’ll see a big benefit in both the quality of what you’re doing and the time it takes you to finish it.

(I especially recommend this for email if your business allows).