Content Machine


It probably won’t surprise you to learn (as much as it once might) – that in this age of YouTube celebrities, self made Vine superstars and all the other ways of building an audience from zero – that it’s possible to build a multi-million dollar business without spending barely a dollar on advertising.

But it’s one thing to be aware that it’s possible and another to have the content marketing chops and sheer persistence to do it.

And it’s even more rare to find that same person willing to share exactly how they did it, entirely for free.

Dan Norris – the creator of WP Curve (a successful startup that was built almost entirely off the back of content marketing) – is that rare person though, because today he’s launching his new book Content Machine on Amazon, and it’s completely free for the next three days.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy last week – and like his previous book The 7 Day Startup – it’s short, to the point and easy to follow.

Of course you’ll still have to do the strategising and the hard work.

But if you’re smart enough to grab a copy, you’ll not only have a great insight into how Dan did it, you’ll have a template and a whole host of ideas that will give you more than an unfair advantage in doing the same.

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