How to read

It’s a small book, I think it’s only like 120 pages, but there are so many layers to the book that are worthy of study by writers… Read this book over and over and you’ll become a great writer.”

James Altucher, explaining why he’s read Jesus’s Son over 200 times

If a book is useful, if it helps you in some major way, read it over and over again. The chance of it making much of a difference to you is pretty slim if you only read it once.

The most successful people I know read 10+ books a month. Some, they love. Some, they don’t. Some, they don’t find valuable until they re-read it 10 years later.

Ramit Sethi, talking books on Instagram

But don’t fret that every book you buy has to fall into James’ ‘perfect’ category or whether it’s worth $10 or not. Better to try a lot of books and learn one thing from each one (or even abandon them) then try to avoid the duds.

(And you’ll probably end up owning more books in James’ ‘must re-read’ category this way too).