Are you in or out?

You can try to bootstrap (and you should).

You can try to keep costs low (and you should).

You can try delaying making that first hire or taking on that first contractor until the last possible moment (and you should).

But none of these decisions are irreversible or likely to result in the ruin of your business if you get them wrong.

Instead there comes a time when even the most cautious entrepreneur needs to have enough confidence to say: ‘this is my business and I believe in it, therefore I will invest in it’.

Of course, no one can give you any guarantees, but if you don’t believe your business has a better than average chance of succeeding who else will?

If you don’t have the belief that, ultimately, investing a few $$$s now will result in a greater return in the long run.

Perhaps what’s holding you back then is not the resources to make that first hire or invest in that software that could save you hours every month.

It’s ultimately the clarity that comes from deciding:

Are you in or are you out?


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