“I only make things that can grow bigger than myself and so should you — scalability is key.”
Jon Nastor, ‘The myth of passive income’

The end goal of creating something bigger than yourself. That’s what’s really exciting.

Whether that’s creating the next big app or wanting to teach others who go on to teach others (who go on to teach others).

But not everything can be scalable. Especially in the beginning.

That’s why to get to scalable, first you must start.

Before you have it all figured out.

One year ago Jon Nastor launched a podcast, without a name, without a plan. Without having it all figured out.

Now his podcast (Hack the Entrepreneur) reaches thousands of people every week.

Of course it takes him the same amount of time to record a podcast that has an audience of 10 people or 10,000.

But he never would’ve got to 10,000 if he hadn’t taken the action necessary to reach his first 10.

(His weekly newsletter, the latest issue of which inspired this post, is also scalable and recommended to).