The ego of failure

A woman looks up, upset as her ice cream cone lies broken on the ground
  • “They’ll think I’m stupid”
  • “Everyone will realise I’m not cut out for this”
  • “No one will want to work with me next time”

There’s a possibility they might but you’ll probably find no-one really cares, particularly if you’re just starting out.

They’re all too busy worrying about their own stuff (as you are worrying about your own).

But you can bet they’ll pay attention (and probably be happy for you) when you do finally ‘win’.

As long as your honest about what you’re doing. As long as you explain to people that are investing in the process with you: ‘this might not work’.

Go ahead and ignore your ego and fail. Not as a goal, but just as part of the process of getting where you need to be.