Too many ideas

The only reason that people have a lot of ideas is to protect them from ever having to ship any of them. If someone says, “I have too many ideas. I’m working on everything. That’s why you haven’t seen me ship anything,” they’re lying to you. They are lying to themselves.

– Seth Godin on Hack the Entrepreneur

It can be painful to realise this is what you’ve been doing and that time is gone.

The good news is, for most ideas, you don’t need a lot of money or connections or technical expertise (or time) to discover if it’s a good idea or not.

You just need to launch, learn and, if necessary, launch again and again (not just put up a landing page collecting email addresses).

It will be uncomfortable, embarrassing and awkward at times.

But also amazing, eye opening and liberating in a way that ‘playing entrepreneur’ will never be.