• Whatever gets you moving

    Whatever gets you moving

    When I run I prefer to do it, if I can, without any headphones on and any music playing. I find one of the biggest benefits is just to clear my head.

    But there are some days I just don’t feel like running and the only way to do it is to blast myself with the right kind of music to get me up and down the hill.

    Not ‘ideal’ but I ran, I keep the habit going and I find I’m more likely to run the next time I’m due to go out.

    When you launch a website or business or any kind of new venture it’s tempting to try to think about all the things you need to do to make sure it’s perfect before starting.

    Whether that’s obsessing about SEO for your site from day one or printing the perfect business cards for your new business.

    But sometimes you spend so long thinking about all of these things (and, yes, it would be nice if they were taken care of) that, in reality, they just become momentum killers.

    And then you end up launching late (missing important feedback you could’ve learned along the way) or not launching at all.

    Definitely not ‘ideal’.

    Better then to just get moving and use your natural momentum to take care of the rest later on.