When to stop reading

For $30 you get Guy Kawasaki telling you everything they know. Or for $30, their best work. I totally recommend it.

But then there will come a point where you’re feeling like, “OK all of these books all say the same things.” Or you become like Jason [Cohen, founder of WP Engine] and you say, “Hey these things are contradicting, I don’t trust…“.

Those are both signs that, “Hey, maybe you’re ready.” Maybe you’re ready because you can only learn so much from books, you have to start sort of… make the jump at some point.

Peldi, enterpreneur

Reading is important.

You don’t want to spend weeks and months on some horrible mistake you could’ve easily avoided if you’d just read that one chapter…

But you don’t want to spend all your time reading, instead of building a business, either.

Of course, only you can decide exactly where to draw the line, but I think Peldi (founder of Balsamiq Mockups) probably defines it better than anyone.


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