Best WordPress backup options

I get asked a lot about the best WordPress backup options by clients.

You might never have had a problem, but it only takes one thing to go wrong to wish you had a way of restoring everything to the way it was before.

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time in the past trying different hosts, plugins, you name it, to find the best solution but it’s not really something you should be spending a lot of time on.

To save you a load of time and pain later on I’m giving you my three two options:

Option 1 – Your host

  • Your host – I currently recommend – has their own ‘one-click’ built-in backup solution, that you’ve tested and trust (you have tested it right?). Good for you, move on.

Option 2 – VaultPress

  • If you’re with another host whose backup option is less than desirable, go with VaultPress and take the $5 per month plan. Again, test it at least once after you set it up (change something minor).

Option 3 – Plugins, voodoo, screwing around with databases, hoping for the best

  • Forget trying Dropbox sync, plugins like BackupBuddy etc etc – however well intentioned (I’ve been there) – you need something simple that you can quickly restore from. That’s it. That means either paying for decent WordPress hosting or paying for VaultPress. If you can’t spare $5 a month to backup your business website then what are you doing?

Just pick one and move on to something more important.