List of Genesis 2.0 HTML5 Ready Themes

Inspired by a tweet from @JiveDig:

and my own needs, I’ve created a list of HTML5 ready themes for Genesis 2.0.

I’ll update this list as I hear about new ones.

Genesis HTML5 Ready Themes


Third Party Developers


Fat Cat Designs

Oh, Hello Designs

The Pixelista

Pretty Darn Cute

Restored 316

SPYR Media

The Stiz Media



If you’re an (awesome) theme developer and you update one of your themes to HTML5 let me know and I’ll add it here.


4 responses

  1. Hi Nick
    Love the resource and good to see that you aren’t just including Studiopress themes.

    I think that this list is going to grow pretty quickly.

    1. Thanks Keith!

    2. Yes, and tomorrow you’ll be able to add our Going Green Pro Theme to this list as well!

      1. Added 🙂