Getting a website for less than $500 (and why not to use Wix)

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WordPress blogger, Chris Lema, has put together a useful post on why ‘Getting your business online isn’t costly with WordPress’.

As Chris explains, for someone just starting out, it’s perfectly possible to achieve a decent website using WordPress for $500 or less.

The key point though is that by building your website on WordPress (as opposed to options like Wix, Weebly or Squarespace), when your needs grow and become more custom (and they will), you will already be on a platform that can grow with you.

Read the full article here:

PS I know Chris will have had a lot of (great) choices when putting together his list of recommendations and he probably does not want to overwhelm, but I would just add StudioPress to his theme suggestions and WP Curve to his support options.


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