A (free) new group for founders who use WordPress

Today I’m launching something designed to bridge a gap.

A gap between the entrepreneur with an exciting idea (or new way to grow their business) and the powerful technology at their disposal.

Technology the business owner doesn’t necessarily want to master, but might be holding them back from executing the best version of their idea.

Of course there’s a world of technology we could focus on but I’ve chosen one thing in particular, WordPress (and the related platforms it can work with like MailChimp and PayPal).

WordPress, the website platform that powers over 20% of the Web and – despite new competitors appearing everyday – remains one of the best ways to launch a business at low cost (and grow it to a spectacular scale).

And the idea is called WP Owner, initially a Facebook group (and eventually who knows).

WP Owner is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to either create or ‘level up’ a WordPress website for their business but aren’t technically minded and don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of $$$ on consultants or developers (where it can be avoided) or waste hours trying to figure things out themselves.

In it I’ll be sharing what I’m learning all the time about launching and monetising websites, automating / outsourcing the boring bits, and hopefully some mistakes to avoid.

Plus there’ll be the opportunity to chat and learn from other entrepreneurs in the same boat as you (and there’ll be no such thing as a stupid question or judgements about what stage you’re at in your business, all are welcome).

As I mentioned, it’s completely free, you just need to click the link below and request to join (and once you do join please come and say hi and introduce yourself):


And, that’s it. There’s no catch. It’s a total experiment and I make no guarantee of its success. I just want to try a new way of helping people (and letting them help themselves).

I hope you find it useful and I chat with in the group soon.

(And if you know any other entrepreneurs that might benefit From participating in the group please feel free to send them the link to this article).


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