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  • Resize Pagely images with URL parameters & PressThumb

    Pagely doesn’t resize images that are the wrong dimensions (height / width) on the fly. (Though, if PressThumb is enabled, it will convert them to ‘next gen’ formats and reduce the file size of the image automatically). For example, if you upload an image to the WordPress admin and then later on register a new…

  • Disable image optimisation on Pagely

    PressThumb can be disabled by renaming the pagely-pressthumb.php plugin in the mu-plugins directory to pagely-pressthumb.php.off. Pressthumb optimization can be re-enabled by renaming the file back to its original name.

  • Google font not loading / broken after Pagely clone using a Mai Engine powered WordPress theme

    Not sure exactly where the fault lied, but the issue was the font was pointing to domain.com/dom12345/wp-content/fonts/ instead of domain.com/wp-content/fonts/. Running pagely-wp search-replace /dom12345/wp-content/fonts/ /wp-content/fonts/ was enough to solve it.

  • Add http basic auth to Pagely website

    http basic auth is handy when you want to add a username and password to stop anyone (including web crawlers) from accessing a website you’re working on, like a staging or development website. To add http basic auth in Pagely, go to to the Pagely Dashboard (atomic.pagely.com), go to Apps and choose the site you…

  • Run WP-CLI commands on Pagely without errors from PHP version

    I hit an issue on Pagely where I was running a WP-CLI command – via SSH – but I kept hitting a PHP fatal error. When I looked into the error it was because the site was running PHP 7.4, but WP-CLI on Pagely was running PHP 7.3 so my code was breaking on the…

  • Convert .pfx SSL certificate to .cer

    From the command line, replacing the filename as necessary (you will need the password for the certificate, if one is assigned): If the above does not generate a certificate for you along with the private key, try adding the -legacy flag, like this: I needed to do this to convert a .pfx SSL certificate for…

  • Stop WP Rocket infinite loop when purging cache on Pagely


  • Uptime monitoring on Pagely


  • Difference between VBURST and VPS-1 Pagely plans

    VBURST uses AWS T3 processors (https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/t3/), which aren’t as powerful as the VPS-1. Same amount of cores, but they throttle after a certain usage (cpu credits) which is tracked in your Atomic dashboard. If your sites are very cacheable and you’re not pushing a ton of traffic, it should work fine. You also don’t get…