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  • Website not loading after clone in WP Engine control panel

    If this happened to you like it did to me don’t assume – like I did – that WP Engine’s clone tool does a search and replace on your database to update the URL too. Instead, when I spoke to WP Engine support they suggested it had to be done as a separate step. Me:…

  • robots.txt file not updating on WP Engine hosted site

    If you’re on WP Engine and you’re trying to modify robots.txt on a subdomain.wpengine.com URL (i.e. before you launch the site for real), then be aware that robots.txt will always be set to ‘disallow all’ by WP Engine until you associate a custom domain with the site. As per their website: NOTE: By default, WP…

  • How to use cookies with a cached WordPress website (on WP Engine)

    How to use cookies in combination with Ajax even when your WordPress website is cached (in this example on WP Engine).