Make SSL certificate always trusted for local development on Mac

If you’re doing local development on your Mac and you’re always getting SSL warnings (or maybe the local site won’t load at all in Safari), use the following instructions to make the SSL certificate for the local site always trusted by your Mac.

  1. In the address bar, click the little lock with the X. This will bring up a small information screen. Click the button that says “Certificate Information.”
  2. Click and drag the image to your desktop. It looks like a little certificate.
  3. Double-click it. This will bring up the Keychain Access utility. Enter your password to unlock it.
  4. Be sure you add the certificate to the System keychain, not the login keychain. Click “Always Trust,” even though this doesn’t seem to do anything.
  5. After it has been added, double-click it. You may have to authenticate again.
  6. Expand the “Trust” section.
  7. “When using this certificate,” set to “Always Trust”

Source: Rob Peck : Google Chrome, Mac OS X and Self-Signed SSL Certificates

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