How to stop friends repeatedly adding you to Facebook Groups

Recently a couple of ‘friends’ have added me to Facebook Groups without asking me first (thanks).

You can of course just leave the group, but unfortunately some people just don’t get the message and will just add you again when they spam their friends list again a few days later.

Now, of course, the most obvious way to stop this from happening is just to un-friend the person who is spamming you and they’ll no longer be able to add you to any groups.

If you’re of a forgiving nature or don’t want to un-friend that person for whatever reason though, you can leave the group and prevent anyone from adding you back to it again.

To do this, on your computer (I didn’t seem to get the option on mobile):

  1. Click Groups in the Facebook sidebar
  2. Then Groups (next to Discover in the top tabs)
  3. Scroll down to the group you want to leave
  4. Click the gear icon and then Leave Group
  5. Now the most important part, make sure you check the ‘Prevent other members from adding you back to this Group’ checkbox and click Leave Group.

Stop friends adding you back to a Facebook Group

Now you should be free from spam from that group at least.

Knowing Facebook, all of the above will likely change in future and no longer work (please don’t come crying to me when it does), but hopefully it’ll help a few of you right now with this problem.

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